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I care about my family heaps and I’m very thankful for the way I was brought up and what everyone contributed to the passions that I have today.

I grew up on a farm in a small country town called Kaiwaka, at the top of the north island of New Zealand. I’m the youngest of four Jasmine (aka Jaz), Suzanne (Dude!) & Matthew. Today I live in Melbourne but spending my childhood on a farm was awesome – I loved building huts in the bush, going down to the creek and looking at the glow worms, and when Suzanne and I used to hoon around on the quad and singing at the top of our lungs.

I love animals – ESPECIALLY cats! (above is a picture of our cat, Flexo) Some people think I’m obsessed, but I’ll just call it passionate. Growing up we had all sorts of animals and we were often very creative with their names. Haha there was White Cat and Kitty! We had a pet Turkey called Mr Gobble, then, when we got a 2nd turkey, he became Mr Gobble #2!! But we did have almost every type of animal you could imagine.

Cooking is a skill that I give thanks to my mum for. She taught me all the basics & tips while I was growing up. Grandma McCracken is a cake decorator too and I used to (and still do) love visiting her and looking at what cake she was working on & flicking through her photo album of creations.

Art is a passion that I share with my siblings. Jaz was more of the painter, Suzanne the photographer & Matthew was really good at drawing. I’m not quite sure where I sit. I did go to uni to be a sculptor then finished off doing more painting and printmaking. I guess it’s because I like to have variety and playing with different textures.

Music is another love of mine. I played the recorder when I was 8, but realistically, I didn’t get the co-ordination or the skills that Dad has to play any instruments. My tastes are quite varied, i reckon this is part of being the youngest and being influenced by everyone’s tastes – plus, like when it comes to art, I like the variety! Music is the reason behind why I ended up moving to Melbourne back in 2006 – because too many bands wouldn’t come to New Zealand. I had a trip planned to come see AFI, Jaz was living in Melbs at the time and had a spare room at her place, so I decided to move over too. It was the scariest and biggest step that I’ve ever taken and I don’t regret a thing about it!

The best thing about moving to Melbourne was meeting my amazing partner, Steve – who i must say a big THANKS to for helping me put this site together & taking pictures whenever i create something. Please check out Steve’s site too, he takes a good photo!