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Ladybug Cupcakes

For my lovely friend Nat’s birthday I decided to make her something bright and cute – ladybug cupcakes. I used the same recipe as my choc mint christmas cupcakes and piped the icing onto the cupcake like grass and decorated each cupcake with a fondant ladybug.

To create the ludybug decorations I used a unique cutter from my Ace Of Cakes Season 7-10 Box Set.

Using this cutter, I cut out a black base. Then using the same shape, I cut out the red wings. I removed head area and made a dent down the centre with the back of a butter knife. I stuck the red wings onto the black base with sugar glue. I then rolled out two small eyes, and placed them on the head area with sugar glue. Using an edible marker, I added dots on the eyes and wings.

They went down a treat!

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