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Fresh Pasta

This Christmas Steve got me a PASTA MACHINE! I’d never made pasta before and I quickly found out that it’s sooooo easy… a bit messy, but still very easy.

All it is, is 100g of flour to 1 room temperature egg. I’m no expert but I found rather than multiplying the ingredients for more serves it’s best to make small batches. Just put the flour in a bowl, make a well in the centre. Break the egg into the well then whisk with a fork, drawing in flour until mixture is thick. Then, using your hands, work in remaining flour.  

Once flour is incorporated (so it’s firm, not sticky) kneed for about 5 mins or until it’s smooth. Wrap in glad wrap and leave for 30 mins (I sometimes skip this step if I’m pressed for time). Divide the mixture into two, flatten in your hand so it’s about ½ cm thick and dust lightly with flour.

Put the pasta machine on the widest setting the feed the dough through. Fold it in half and turn it around 90 degrees and run through again for about ½ dozen times until it’s smooth and the width of the machine. Then stop folding but feed it through the machine, reducing the thickness one notch at a time until it’s the thickness you want. Then feed through the cut that you want (I prefer fettuccine) and then drape around the edge of a large bowl to dry slightly before cooking.

Now next on my shopping list is one of those mini wiz blenders that I’ve seen them use on masterchef when they make pasta so there’s less to clean up!

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